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Displaced City Girl

Sleepless in Scotland

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Here for the fic and the fangirling (everything and anything that strikes my fancy). Will try to keep the personal emo-ness to a minimum (but will most likely fail spectacularly - just watch me).
accents, angst, apollo/midnighter, arguing/debating, armstrong and miller, audrey hepburn, bbc radio2, being eurasian, being given flowers, being lazy, belimai/harper, bill bailey, blackadder, blue beetle, bobby drake, bobby/jean-paul, book shopping, booster gold, boostle, boots, britishness, canon gay, cantonese, ceilidhs, champagne, cheese, chinatown, chocolate, chopsticks, cocktails, coffee, comics, cooking, country music, cowboys, cricket, cultural politics, dame sally markham, dancing, days off, dick grayson, dick/tim, dieselsweeties, diet coke, dieux du stade, dim sum, dinner parties, drinking games, driving, earrings, eddie izzard, ehqn, fanfiction, fiction, field hockey, free stuff, fry and laurie, gambit, geekery, grumpy old men, handbags, having minions, high heels, hong kong, ian hislop, iceman, inventing cocktails, jade, jasper fforde, jean-paul beaubier, jean-paul/bobby, john barrowman, josh lewsey, jp/bobby, kilts, leftovers, lkf, lotr, lurking, matthew cutler, michael fassbender, microwave popcorn, midnighter/apollo, mitchell and webb, mnftiu, mock the week, monty python, movies, musicals, my vw lupo, naps, northstar, old photographs, paranormal romances, party dresses, peter o'toole, photographs, qi, regencies, remy lebeau, rings, rogue, romance novels, roy harper, roy/dick, rugby, rugby7s, scarves, scotland, seafood, sean bean, sean lamont, shoes, slash, sleeping in, south park, spooks, staying up too late, steak, stelios/astinos, stormwatch: team achilles, strictly come dancing, strong jawlines, strong shoulders, summer, sunbathing, tea, ted kord, tequila, the authority, the beeb, the daily show, the muppets, the paradox of toleration, the possibility of adam/zaf, thursday next, tim drake, top gear, torchwood, typhoons, uyhc, viggo mortensen, wanchai, wearing too much mascara, wine, x-men, xkcd